With logistics more complex than ever, we make life simple.
Europe is a complex and fragmented market. But don't let the red tape stop you from accessing the huge opportunities it offers. We have a fulfillment solution made to measure.

Enter and expand across Europe.

  • Simple one-time setup

  • Meet the unique needs of each market

  • Satisfy the bespoke requirements of each marketplace

  • Test new markets and channels flexibly

  • Remove expansion risk

Scale freely and flexibly.

  • Unlimited scale to match your growth

  • Adapt easily if demand changes

  • Successfully manage seasonality

  • Ride out macroeconomic events

  • No strings attached

Optimize your inventory.

  • One place to fulfill your multi-channel sales

  • Optimize and minimize returns

  • Gain full inventory visibility

  • See clear product performance

  • Control costs and never miss a sales opportunity

Keep customers coming back.

  • Deliver on convenience promises

  • Localize delivery and returns

  • Be there at the right time with the right service

  • Reimburse quickly

  • Drive loyalty

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How it worksSend us your stock.

Deliver your stock to a network of 12 fulfillment centers and take advantage of a vast pan-European infrastructure.

How it worksOpen your laptop.

Access one interface and get a clear overview of your stock movements and assortment availability for every sales channel and country.

How it worksWe fulfill your orders.

Whether the order was placed on your own website or a marketplace, we work quickly to fulfill it in line with each platform's needs.

How it worksWe handle returns.

All returns get processed quickly at the nearest return center. With 20 of them across Europe, your stock’s time offline is significantly minimized.

How it worksWe get it back online.

From there, your return gets sent to a fulfillment center in the market where it's expected to sell best. Our smart algorithms analyze past popularity and predict future demand.

How it worksWe maximize business.

Keep tabs on your assortment across all channels and countries. Our tailored technology uncovers smart insights and makes digesting the data easy.

ZEOS fulfills orders exactly where customers love to shop

Your own e‑commerce store.
The biggest and most relevant European marketplaces.

ZEOS powers Zalando's logistics offering.

Zalando Logistics Solutions is a flexible modular offering to help you maximize your business on one of Europe's leading marketplaces. Zalando provides the service, while ZEOS powers the operations behind it.


Zalando Fulfillment Solutions

Cut your costs with an end-to-end logistics solution that lets you parcel-share with other ZFS customers.

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Zalando Shipping Solutions

You keep control of your stock. We’ll take care of shipping and returns for you.

Learn more


Zalando Returns Solutions

You store and ship your orders yourself. We’ll manage the full process whenever there’s a return.

Learn more
The ultimate logistics package for fashion & lifestyle in Europe.
As fashion & lifestyle sellers adapt to new consumer demands they have to grapple with the everyday tangle of European logistics. ZEOS streamlines the whole process.
The most extensive infrastructure

We run on a powerful pan-European network. 23 markets. 12 fulfillment centers. 20 return and refurbishment centers. 40 carriers. 165 local delivery and returns services. Working across Scandinavia, Benelux, DACH, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Baltics.

With unrivaled experience

With 15 years of experience under our belt, we’re leaders in running logistics for fashion & lifestyle across Europe. Our expertise comes from delivering the best service to over 1000 brands and retailers.

With unmatched flexibility

Growth is never linear so we don't box people in. Without long-term contracts and strict inbound commitments, we empower you to take control of changing consumer demand. We believe in giving you the freedom you need.

Designed to deliver

One-time setup. One carrier integration. One stock pool. One user interface. On the biggest and most relevant European marketplaces. On your own e-commerce shop. ZEOS transforms a fragmented market into a world of opportunities, ready for you to unlock.

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