Seamlessly stitching logistics into shoes and accessories

Kazar, a renowned Polish shoes and accessories brand, has been able to break through the European market and is currently available in 22 countries thanks to their collaboration with Zalando. Now, fueled by ZEOS's logistics setup, they are making their international and multi-channel growth ambitions become a business reality.

Who is Kazar?High-quality products with a nonchalant flair

Kazar, founded in 1990, emerged as a leading fashion brand in Poland, specializing in high-quality footwear, handbags, and accessories. Famous for their commitment to elegance and style, Kazar rapidly garnered a loyal customer base across Europe. Their dedication to crafting premium products and understanding diverse European markets positioned them well for international success.

Previously, they fulfilled their orders from e-commerce and other platforms across Europe from their main warehouse in Poland. But this led to slow and expensive deliveries and returns.

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Kazar needed to develop a runway to profitability

The challengeReinforcing the Achilles’ heel of logistics

Despite Kazar’s rising prominence, the company recognized that its logistics operations were hindering its profitability and customer experience. Extended delivery times and high costs associated with shipping from their main warehouse in Poland posed substantial challenges. With a growing focus on profitability and customer satisfaction, Kazar identified logistics as their Achilles’ heel.

Radomir Kiepas, B2B Development Partner at Kazar stated, “Profitability is a focus for us this year. We are planning to achieve it by increasing the volume in ZEOS warehouses and cutting transit times to boost stock performance.”

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The solutionBespoke tailored e-commerce

Kazar was able to tap into ZEOS’s extensive European network, placing their products closer to customers and minimizing their transit times. Leveraging ZEOS’s expertise in the European market and insights tools gave Kazar a deeper understanding of market preferences across different countries. This enabled them to tailor their collections to cater to varied tastes and needs in a hyper-localized way, and expand into new countries. They have also launched a new marketplace, together with ZEOS and Rithum. "Invaluable assistance of our partner - Rithum - in navigating the complexities of marketplaces’ integration is not merely a support but a catalyst for our growth, unlocking new dimensions of efficiency and opportunity." - Kiepas told us.

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The integratorFashioning growth through data

Kazar has forged a strong partnership with Rithum over the past three years, establishing them as their main partner in marketplace development. The wide range of marketplaces available through Rithum has provided Kazar with the means to efficiently scale their business through further integrations. This partnership has been instrumental in refining Kazar’s business development and strategy. Detailed reporting and regular consultations with experts at Rithum enable Kazar to make informed production decisions and optimize their offering with a strategic focus on products yielding the highest return on investment. It has catalyzed growth, unlocking new dimensions of efficiency and opportunity.

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The truth is that ZEOS’s offering is revolutionary. When we heard about the new multi-channel fulfillment solution, we knew we wanted to be a part of it and expand to new marketplaces. We have big ambitions for the upcoming years and are happy to see ZEOS’s roadmap matching them.
Radomir KiepasB2B Development Partner at Kazar
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