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ZEOS ecosystem gives you access to partnerships with leading fashion & lifestyle players. With one integration, you can revolutionize your entire e-commerce journey. Seamlessly connect to marketplaces. Access relevant sales channels. Work with local last-mile carriers for deliveries and returns.
Integrators get you off to a flying start.
Multiple channels means multiple complications.

Multi-channel operations always make the e-commerce journey more complex. Brands need to connect to and map their data on multiple marketplaces. And they need to keep a constant exchange of product, inventory, and order information flowing. But this can be tricky to do right. Marketplace rules change. Technical specifications evolve. Fashion & lifestyle data is not standardized. That’s where our integrator partners step up.

Tap into Europe without borders.

01.Access more customers.

The most relevant sales channel integrations at your fingertips. Grow your business across Europe even faster.

02.Simplify your operations.

One-time setup lets you map stock, price, and product data for each sales channel. Deal with all updates from one location.

03.Get full order visibility.

Keep tabs on your multi-channel orders and take control of return rates. Never miss a sales opportunity.

Our integration partners

Marketplaces expand your reach and get you noticed.

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In 21

out of 24 countries* surveyed by Zalando, the majority of consumers said they start their shopping journey online.*countries surveyed: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Kingdom.

boltZEOS Factfile


of European customers start their discovery journey on multi-brand marketplaces.

boltZEOS Factfile


of European customers go to their favorite brand or retailer’s own brand.com.

Source: Zalando Insights

    It’s an online world. That’s where your customers are.

    Almost all European customers start their shopping journey online. And most head straight to marketplaces for discovery and inspiration. Marketplaces offer the things they love. Incredible choice. Curated trends. Exceptional convenience. Getting onto the right international and local marketplaces boosts your brand recognition and turns browsers into buyers.

    Fulfill orders where your customers love to shop.

    With connections to Europe’s most relevant marketplaces, your brand reaches the right audience effortlessly. No need to study forty different European countries. No need to second-guess your platform choice. Simply show up and make an impact.

    Tap into Europe and all its potential.

    01.Make it personal.

    Access shoppers all across Europe where they love to shop, in their preferred language. Analyze their choices and cater to local trends.

    02.Go international easily.

    Take advantage of leading marketplaces, flexible solutions, in-house marketing services, and a wealth of European expertise.

    03.Meet expectations.

    Forget the struggle to meet marketplace expectations. With ZEOS Fulfillment, you’ll always hit the mark on customer convenience for delivery and returns - and never miss a sale.

    Carriers deliver exactly the way locals want.

    boltZEOS Factfile


    of German customers prefer delivery at home.

    boltZEOS Factfile


    of Polish customers choose to collect at a parcel locker

    boltZEOS Factfile


    of Czech customers expect to pay cash on delivery.

    boltZEOS Factfile


    of French customers prefer their order bundled, even if delivery takes longer.

    boltZEOS Factfile


    of customers in the Baltics and Poland choose parcel locker returns.

    boltZEOS Factfile


    of customers on average in DACH, Scandinavia, Benelux, and the UK prefer a drop-off point return.

    boltZEOS Factfile


    of Romanians, Slovenians, and Italians would opt to schedule a return pick-up.

    boltZEOS Factfile


    of Swiss customers prefer to leave their return at a designated safe place at home.

    Source: Zalando Insights

      Our customer survey taught us every country in Europe has its own style.

      Some prefer home delivery. Others opt to collect. Some prefer orders bundled. Others opt for parcel locker returns. Meeting different local needs is key to keeping customers coming back. One ZEOS contract gives you access to a pool of over 40 carriers that know how to fit with Europe’s local shopping habits. Every market gets a localized delivery and return service. Customers are delighted every time.

      Team up with trusted carriers who know the neighborhood.

      When it comes to delivery and returns, local is always best. Our last-mile carrier partners help you offer relevant delivery and returns options across Europe. That smooth service is what keeps customers coming back.

      Tap into Europe like a local.

      01.One contract.

      Local carriers understand local customers best. One contract gets you a pool of trusted last-mile providers. Save money on rates. Save time on multiple contracts. Save resources.

      02.One integration.

      Streamline your entire shipping and fulfillment process. Labels: generated. Shipments: tracked in real-time. Order fulfillment: automated. Customer updates: done.

      03.One continent of happy customers.

      Give them the service they love. Home delivery. Locker delivery. Bundled delivery. Cash on delivery. Pick-up or safe-place or local-bakery returns.

      Pepe Jeans - PM582523 692 01 MO

      Pepe Jeans x Tradebyte

      Partnering with Tradebyte has been instrumental in revolutionizing our multi-channel strategy. ZEOS’s agile fulfillment network ensures swift delivery, while Tradebyte’s expertise in data mapping streamlines integration processes across diverse marketplaces. Together, they've empowered us to meet customer demands seamlessly and scale our business with confidence.

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        channels integrated via Tradebyte

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        weeks to go live on a new marketplace

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