Fashioning a seamless multi-channel approach

In the dynamic world of fashion, efficient logistics, and seamless integration processes are critical for success. The iconic British brand Pepe Jeans London recognized the importance of optimizing their logistics operations to meet the demands of their global customer base.

Who are Pepe Jeans?The denim company captivating the fashion world

Pepe Jeans London was born on London’s iconic Portobello Road in 1973. Today, 50 years later, the brand remains devoted to its initial mantra and pledge to create the world’s most exciting denim-led fashion. The diversity and mix of cultures that define the city of London also define the Pepe Jeans personality, providing a constant source of inspiration for the women’s, men’s, and junior collections. Music, culture, fashion, London, and denim—that’s what Pepe Jeans is all about.

As part of the global fashion group AWWG, Pepe Jeans London is committed to putting the customer at the center of their business operations, prioritizing their shopping experience and satisfaction through the marketplaces they collaborate with.

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Pepe Jeans needed to streamline logistics to meet global customer demand

The challengeDigital sales channel fulfillment became a loose thread for AWWG Group

AWWG Group is a first mover with Zalando: They were one of the first brands to start selling on the marketplace 15 years ago. While they have a strong legacy in wholesale and retail distribution and their warehouse in Spain, they were looking for a partner to improve their digital fulfillment and be close to their consumers across other big European regions including DACH, Scandinavia, and Benelux. This is when they started to leverage Zalando Fulfillment Solutions across 19 markets, for all three brands of the group: Pepe Jeans London, Hackett, and Façonnable. Great results of this set-up led AWWG to further optimize their multichannel logistics for About You and their most important channel

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The solutionA catwalk to efficiency

Pepe Jeans London began leveraging ZEOS Fulfillment, which provided them with an agile and efficient network across Europe, to always stay close to their customers and deliver the best convenience experience. This step significantly shortened delivery times, ensuring timely delivery to customers and fulfilling strict marketplace service level agreements. On top of that, they have managed to get items back online after a return in an unparalleled window of 7 days, which positively influenced their profitability.

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The integratorWeaving data mapping into the fabric of logistics

Tradebyte’s extensive expertise in data mapping for various European marketplaces proved invaluable in streamlining and centralizing integration processes across multiple platforms. Since the inception of their partnership with Zalando 15 years ago, and now ZEOS Logistics, Pepe Jeans London has relied on Tradebyte to create a standardized template for connecting to multiple marketplaces, facilitating seamless connection in just four weeks. This collaboration with Tradebyte has not only improved catalog management but also optimized data flow from product mapping to order fulfillment, ensuring scalability and growth for Pepe Jeans London across diverse marketplaces.

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This partnership has not only revolutionized our marketplace logistics operations, but it has also set the stage for our continued growth and success. We now have the opportunity to expand our offering across different digital sales channels in a simple way, achieving much shorter delivery times. This helps us uphold our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, and reach new digital markets where our current logistics set-up would not have allowed us to reach. We are a company in constant transformation, so we love innovative solutions and allow us to be more competitive and agile.
Ivan VenderCOO at AWWG (Pepe Jeans, Hackett and Façonnable)
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