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Experts in Europe with the stats to prove it. Tradebyte is a leading fashion & lifestyle integrator, connecting you to millions of new customers on Europe’s largest marketplaces. As the ZEOS Core Partner, Tradebyte’s expertise forms the cornerstone of our software vision and strategy. We work together closely to develop cutting-edge solutions that push software innovation even further.

Key Figures

  • 15 years


  • 90+


  • 1,000+


  • 30+

    European markets

  • 12,000+

    integrations made

  • €6bn

    transactions yearly

Why Tradebyte?

Tradebyte specializes in fashion & lifestyle integration across Europe. Founded in Germany in 2009, and part of the Zalando Group since 2016, Tradebyte gives you access to leading online marketplaces and traditional department stores.

01.Vision baked in from the start.

We harness Tradebyte’s expertise to develop our software strategy and innovation. Working with ZEOS and Tradebyte together gives brands and retailers the most strategic synergy between all parts of the e-commerce journey.

02.Millions of fashion lovers.

Meet new customers and boost revenue through Tradebyte’s impressive list of sales channels. 30+ countries. Leading marketplaces. Established department stores. All fashion & lifestyle. All across Europe.

03.Reduced operational complexity.

Enter your product data once. Tradebyte's software distributes it to 90+ retailers and marketplaces, meeting all their specific requirements. Manage everything centrally. Integrations. Pricing. Product Data. Stock. Orders.

04.Unbeatable time to market.

Say goodbye to slow time-to-online. Expand into Europe and unlock millions of new customers faster than ever. Tradebyte was Zalando’s fastest integrator in 2023, beating the others by an impressive 14 days.

05.Product & order data. Together at last.

With access to tailored data from Tradebyte’s business intelligence tool, you can benchmark and analyze the market and track your online efforts. Steer, optimize, and boost performance & profitability like a VIP. All with expert advice from a team of specialists.

06.First mover advantage.

As our key partner, Tradebyte has exclusive access to ZEOS' latest innovations before they reach a wider network. By working with ZEOS and Tradebyte, you are one step ahead in reaching higher profits and greater market influence.

Driven by innovation. Joined in collaboration.

The ZEOS x Tradebyte partnership aims to develop interconnected logistics and technology solutions.

By partnering with ZEOS and Tradebyte together, you'll benefit from the synergy between integration, logistics, and e-commerce insights. Our collaboration aims to deliver joint product value as we build an operating system for the fashion & lifestyle industry. The technology we're developing lets you make the best decisions about product placement and inventory management, ultimately boosting your profitability.

Learn more
How it worksGet onboard
  • Go through a comprehensive onboarding process.

  • Receive personalized help from an industry expert.

  • Set expectations and get familiar with technical requirements.

Integrator How To 1
How it worksSet up once
  • Access Tradebyte’s user-friendly interface for easy expansion.

  • Benefit from simple categorization and value mapping services.

Integrator How To 2
How it worksImport & test
  • Easily import your entire product catalog.

  • Control risks with an in-depth testing phase.

  • Get regular stock updates and price monitoring.

Integrator How To 3
How it worksExpand & sell
  • Go live on Tradebyte’s network of 90+ marketplaces.

  • Integrate. Sell. Optimize. Repeat.

Integrator How To 4
    Pepe Jeans - PM582523 692 01 MO

    Pepe Jeans x Tradebyte

    Partnering with Tradebyte has been instrumental in revolutionizing our multi-channel strategy. ZEOS’s agile fulfillment network ensures swift delivery, while Tradebyte’s expertise in data mapping streamlines integration processes across diverse marketplaces. Together, they've empowered us to meet customer demands seamlessly and scale our business with confidence.

    • 6

      channels integrated via Tradebyte

    • 3

      brands integrated (Pepe Jeans London, Hackett, Façonnable)

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